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Christmas Eve

H! oh! Oh! Look at the snow,
Over the garden way.
So deep and so white, It has fallen all night;
We cannot go out to-day!

So we値l have a good game with Dandy,
warm in the cosy house,
And then when the twilight gathers,
we値l talk of old Santa Claus.

We値l sit by the flames together,
and hear how they roar and sing,
And picture the old man coming,
and wonder what he will bring.

We never shall hear his footsteps,
for the snow will hush their tread,
But he値l come to us just as ever,
if the stockings are by the bed.

And he値l bring us the prettiest presents,
just as he used to do,
For he never forgets the children
as long as they trust him true!


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