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 Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Land of Nursery Rhymes


Please send in your questions [click the Contact button above]

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Q.     Are all of your nursery rhymes and music copyright?

A.     No, as far as we are aware, they are all in the public domain.
         However our site design and layout etc certainly is copyright as stated at the
         bottom of the page.
         Please advise us if we have inadvertently used copyright material and we will
         remove it immediately.

Q.      Why are some of your rhymes not Nursery Rhymes?

A.      Many of our visitors have recommended children's poems or nursery rhymes
          to us and we have included them. About 10% are actually children's poems.

Q.     Do I have to pay to become a member?

A.     No, we have no membership scheme. Please enjoy everything for free.

Q.     What are the kids Animations?

A.     This is a special land where you can enjoy your own favourite nursery rhymes

         with wonderful animations.  

         As the files are quite large, you really do need to be on "Broadband"

Q.     What are 'Faraway Lands'?

A.     These are very special sites for you to look at

         We highly recommend you check out our sister site Cinnamon Bear



     If you know a nursery rhyme we have not included. Please send it to us by email







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