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How many bags of wool did Baa Baa Black Sheep have? Who was the second bag for?


Ding Dong Bell, Who put Pussy in the Well?


What did the dish do in Hey Diddle Diddle?


Who came to visit me in I Had A Little Nut Tree ?


Im The King Of The Castle What are you?


What did Little Bo Peep dream about when she fell fast asleep?


London Bridge is Falling Down, What will we build it up with? 

(8 things this is a hard one)


What is Fridays child? If Mondays Child Is Fair Of Face.


In Old King Cole, what did Old King Cole call for? (3 things but it could be 5!)


Once I caught A fish alive, but why did you let it go?


Where has Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat been?


Row, Row, Row, Your Boat, If you see a crocodile what would you do?


What was the Maid, the Queen and the King doing? (Song Of Sixpence)


What did poor Robin do ? when the north wind doth blow?


What did the Three Little Kittens lose?


What Are Little Girls Made Of?











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